Correlation is an exploration of fragmented memories, reflections and gaps in knowledge of family history. Shown through the perspective of my family through my 5 grandparents, whose stories are unique
but similar in many ways to the stories and situations of many other immigrant families. Although this project is innately personal for my family, for others I aim for it to be nostalgic and relatable. The ideas explored and navigated through this project are universal. We all have missing links in the family chain and information that we wished had been recorded or written down but never was,
thus being lost forever. The documentation from the family archive that will be used as
the content include stories and photos, some which were returned to the family following the end of World War II. Accompanying the publication is a double sided bookmark.
One side has the key for the graphic information code which runs through my publication whilst the other side has my five grandparents names, what I call them, how they’re related to me and the meaning
behind their names.